Great White Goldens


Welcome to Great White Goldens! We are Located in Colorado

We are dog lovers who have been blessed to have the opportunity to share our lives with many English Golden Retrievers and an occasional litter of puppies.  All of our Golden Retrievers are what are commonly referred to in the United States as English Golden Retrievers or English Cream Golden Retrievers, though in Europe they are simply referred to as Golden Retrievers. I have heard many people refer to the imported Goldens as White Golden Retrievers. Though they are often a very light cream, they are never truly white, and can range in color from the palest cream to a rich gold.
Pictured below is our family. The entire family works with the dogs in some way, but the dogs are primarily cared for and loved by Ken (my husband) Lee the middle son) and myself.  

Where Our Goldens Live and the Care we Give Them.  
Our family lives out in the country where there are lots of space to roam and play.  All of our neighbors have 10-50 acres of land. There are miles of trails, some going beside lakes...a dog's paradise. We are outside Brighton, CO about 20 miles from Denver.  Although we do ship our puppies, we have had people fly down from the northeast and from as far as California. It is very important to us that we meet the people who get our puppies and that they meet us and the parents of their puppy and also see where and how we raise our puppies.
Our English Golden Retrievers live and sleep in our home.
They have access to 2 fenced areas, one being almost two acres. Because we have a business in the home, someone is home with them nearly all the time. We are fortunate enough to have a home large enough for the dogs to have plenty of room. They all live on our main level which is divided in half with our master suite, so that we can separate them when necessary. We often have our dogs divided for various reasons: a girl in season needing to be separate from our boys, a young puppy that we are house training, a training session with one of the dogs, or often just to give each of the dogs individual attention. We don't have kenneled areas to divide our dogs, but have found our home situation to be more than sufficient for the number of dogs we have.
In the summer, I usually take the dogs swimming several times a week. On the days they don't swim, I take them for walks on a leash, taking up to 4 at a time. I also often take them out on walks on trails away from the road off leash. We feel that the right kind of daily exercise is important for dogs of all ages.

Each dog is brushed 2-3 times a week, rinsed off every time they get dirty or go swimming, and given a full bath and blown dry (not with heat but with a power dryer) about once a month or every two months depending on the time of the year. We use natural methods to prevent fleas and tics, and feed a combination of a natural high quality dog food and cooked meat and fresh vegetables.  We are advocates of minimal vaccines and are constantly educating ourselves on canine health care.


Our Breeding Philosophy
Many people contact us looking for a "white golden retriever puppy with a blocky head". Though all our dogs are a light cream, we do not breed for color and though the head is part of the package, it is not the entire package. We feel that there is so much more in producing a nice litter of puppies. We will only breed the best dogs that meet our very high standards. We have intensely studied the pedigrees of hundreds of dogs looking for those with generations of proven good conformation, good health, and a typical sweet Golden Retriever temperament. Most of our dogs have parents with not only titles earned because of their beauty, but titles proving their worth as working dogs also. While our dogs are beautiful, we believe that a good pet, first and foremost, needs to have a good temperament and be healthy. Our goal is to produce puppies that are physically, intellectually, and temperamentally as close to the FCI breed standard as possible, and then to do all we can to nurture and care for our puppies in such a way that they will have the best possible start in life to develop to their fullest potential.


Our puppies are loved, socialized, and held from the day they are born. The parents have OFA Hips/Elbows/Heart & Current CERF Eye Clearances.
We have also done DNA testing with Animal Genetics, for 2 different eye diseases, MD and ich, a skin dandruff.

Give us a call 720-685-9557

Thanks Lynn and Ken